Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Big and beautiful books!

I opened the boxes, and there was a heavenly chorus of "ahhhh"s singing. Well, that's how it played out in my mind when the new sample books finally arrived at my door. These books are heavenly and heavy! Books that will truly stand the test of time. They are so fabulous, they must be seen and felt in person. The pictures do them only so much justice. Each book is handmade and custom designed with a wide variety of cover materials to choose from. I love that you can pick and choose the material to make your book one-of-a-kind and, therefore, truly YOUR album. But perhaps the main reason why I went with this album company is their "green-ness." These books come from a company right here in the U.S. that treats its workers fairly, uses PVC-free "pleathers," has a wide selection of fabrics, will not use hides tanned in Asia (because the working conditions are too poor) and uses recycled packaging just to name a few of their environmentally friendly features. That and the fact that their books are lovingly handmade and absolutely fabulous are the reasons I love this album company!

This first album is 12"x12" with a red patent leather and zebra patterned strip down the center. Red was a theme at Sarah and Jeff's wedding. The zebra is a nod to Sarah's hot open-toed slip-ons (pictured on the cover) she wore down the aisle! These books are designed to lay flat when opened and are flush (image goes to the edge of the page) with an almost invisible crease (no cut) at the center of the book.

This next album is the 8"x8" "parent" album. I chose the red pleather for the cover to mimic the big album. The pages in this album are thinner than the big book (see the second picture below), but still a strong, heavy stock with a beautiful matte finish.

This is the 10"x10" album. These books are also designed to lay flat when opened. The cover material is a green suede and it is so nice to hold. It's so soft!